Niche Kerdi Schluter 12 Shower 6 x f970ekqbd43424-Home

Niche Kerdi Schluter 12 Shower 6 x f970ekqbd43424-Home

Schluter Kerdi Shower Niche 12 x 6

Why and when?-  History 

 Many assume that The Troubles were the beginning of the conflicts between Northern Ireland and Republican Ireland, well, nothing more wrong. The encounter and battles between the two countries began all the way back during the reign of Henry VIII.Supergres All Over White Lux 75x75 cm Wx75 effetto Pavimento Piastrelle  That’s when King Henry invaded much of Ireland and declared himself King of Ireland, despite never having full control. It was especially the Northern parts of Ireland which were attractive due to the fertility of the land. Tapete, Designtapete, aztekisch, Applikationen, Glanz, brown, Rost, goldTherefore, many English and Scottish settlers, who had taken on Protestantism, spreading their culture and religion further on into the 17th and 18th century Ireland.  


Everyone expected that the Republic of Ireland would sooner or later join the Union, but that never happened. Then came the Civil War and The Troubles, thinking that if not by peace, they would force Ireland to join the union by war. The conflict was primarily political and nationalistic, fuelled by historical events. The key issue was mainly between the Catholics and Protestants.The reason back the riots was a political campaign, wanting to stop the unionists from discriminating the nationalists. The main participants in the Troubles were republican paramilitaries such as the Irish Provisional Army (IRA) and Irish National Liberation Army (INLA). The conflict lasted almost 40 years, killing over 3500 people and totally demolishing the city. It ended with “The Good Friday Agreement”, or “Belfast Agreement”. The peace treaty brought an end to the riotsSupergres Art Clay 75x150 cm CL50 Tiles Ceramic Italian. Then again in 2007, the agreement had to be renegotiated, hence the difficulties in implementing it. Despite all the hassle, all the way to this day, the biggest part of Ireland remains independent.  


Brexit and Northern Irish concerns 

With the UK’s decision to leave the EU in March 2019, there have been many concerns from the people of Northern Ireland. Many people are scared that the withdrawal from the EU will result in the return of physical borders and military control stations on the almost 500km long border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, that split the two parts of Ireland until. Supergres Art Tobacco 75x150 cm TO50 Fliesen günstiger aus Italien Casa39The Republic of Ireland is a part of the EU, and there are a broad array of opinions on the consequences of Brexit, and how it will affect Northern Ireland as a part of the UK, but also as a part of the Island of Ireland.  

One part of the problem is the result of the referendum of Brexit. While the majority in the whole of the UK voted to leave the EU, 56% of people in Northern Ireland voted to stay. Only 40% of the Protestants in Northern Ireland voted to stay, while 85% of Catholics wanted to stay in the EU. We can see here the same divide that’s been in Northern Ireland since the British made it a part of the UK, the divide between the Loyalists (Protestants) and the Republicans (Catholics).Tapete, Designtapete, klassisch, Glanz, Struktur, Ornament, VINYL, Flieder, Ecru Everyone agrees that they don’t want another physical border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, but a stricter border is almost inevitable. Even though the British government has been clear on the fact that they will work against a hard border, officials from both Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland want a specific plan from the UK on how that could be avoided.  

But if everyone agrees that a hard border should be avoided, why are they still debating? Couldn’t they just keep it the way it is, and move on to the other remaining Brexit-discussions? Well, the core of the problem is actually trade. The EU has tariff-free trade between all EU-countries, something the UK will be giving up in March 2019 (if they don’t agree on a new trade deal). This means that there has to be some sort of border control between Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland, to prevent smuggling of goods. But as a person who lives in a non-EU country that borders to an EU-country, I know that It’s possible to have border control without causing any trouble. Supergres Carnaby Blend Light 60x60 cm CBL6 Tiles Ceramic ItalianThe border between Norway and Sweden have control stations, but unless you are taken in for inspection (which rarely happens, especially if you’re in a personal vehicle) you just drive past the control stations. Even though you could call it a physical border, as there are controls by the border, you barely notice it, and it doesn’t really feel like entering another country. I can understand the difference in Norway and Sweden’s history to the history of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and how even control stations at the border may cause a reappearance of conflicts that have been dormant for years.Supergres French M.T20 Chalon T20 40x120 cm FCH1 effetto Pavimento Piastrelle Considering the conflicts ended less than 20 years ago, it’s probably still very touchy for many people, especially in Northern Ireland, but also in the Republic of Ireland.  

One suggestion that was posted by the British government was to give Northern Ireland a special status in the EU, to prevent having a border between Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland. That would result in the border being in the Irish Sea, between the Island of Ireland and Great Britain. Supergres French Mood Cluny 60x120 cm FMC6 effetto Pavimento PiastrelleAlthough this sounds like it could be a good way to solve this border-issue, it has faced great criticism, and especially by the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). They claim that this proposition is a campaign for Irish nationalists, that want to separate Northern Ireland from Great Britain. One of the problems here is that the prime minister, Theresa May, needs the support of the DUP.Supergres Gotha Platinum Lux 59x59 cm GPL5 effetto Pavimento Piastrelle After the snap election last year, where the Conservative Party didn’t get as much support as they thought they would, they needed the help of smaller parties like DUP. Tapete, Designtapete, modern, Stoffoptik, Stäbchenprint, Glanz, Taupe, SandThe British government can’t just decide on a fate for the border, they need the support of DUP, or else they will pull their support, and Sammy Wilson, an MP from East Antrim, told BBC that “if there is any hint that in order to placate Dublin and the EU, they’re prepared to have Northern Ireland treated differently than the rest of the UK, then they can’t rely on our vote”.  

Written in cooperation with Camilla. 🙂


Supergres Medley _01Sugar 75x150 cm M01S Tiles Ceramic Italian 


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Niche Kerdi Schluter 12 Shower 6 x f970ekqbd43424-Home


Global Goals have been a topic of focus in a class for a very long time now. Tapete, Designtapete, Streifen, frisch, Asche, Senf, Maisyellow, Vanille, SahneWhenever we have a possibility, we try to relate to them in our lessons and be reminded of how important it actually is to make changes. Today, we focus specifically on goal number 5, which in our opinion, should be prioritized and taken into account as first.

Global Goal 5

“Women’s status in society has become the standard by which humanity’s progress toward civility and peace can be measured”- Mahnaz Afkhami

Everyday, woman and girls all over the world are exposed to discrimination, many forms of violence, and even harmful practices, such as child, early and forced marriage.Tapete, Designtapete, Wiesenbluemen, Gräser, multicolor, metallic Glanz, Ytong None of this should be happening now in the modern world in 2017. Supergres Purity of Marble Calacatta Lux 75x75 cm Cx75 Fliesen günstiger aus ...Therefore, me and my group are focusing on specifically this goal, to take part in eliminating gender inequality, and to help provide women and girls with equal access to education, health care, decent work, and representation in political and economic decision-making processes.


Even in industrialized countries, as of 2017, there is inequality between men and women. In the United States Congress, only 20.3% of the members are women, according to the Congressional Research Service. Furthermore, there are less female CEOs than there are male CEOs, women tend to be in lower-paying jobs, but the situation in the developing world is worse.Taupe Damask Metallic Wallpaper Textured Heavyweight Vinyl Luxury Messina x 3From a young age, it seems that girls are less likely to get an education, many cultures practice patrilocality, which means that when a man and a woman get married, they tend to stay close to the man’s family, and the woman is considered more a member of her husband’s family than her own birth family. Supergres Purity of Marble Lasa Lux 30x60 cm Lx30 Tiles Ceramic ItalianIn several cultures the property and name pass on to the male descendant, so a widow will not inherit her husband’s properties, that goes directly to the son. The widow then has to rely on her son to maintain her standard of living. This increases the probability that both men and women would want a son more than a daughter. This is also a reason to why many parents seem to invest more time and money in their sons rather than their daughters.

Teal - CO00136 - Pinstripe - Milan - Sketch Twenty 3 WallpaperDeveloping countries do not have a strong economy, and depend heavily on agriculture and other sectors that relies on physical attributes, rather than services, which require brain power and not muscle power. Physiologically speaking, men are stronger than women, and they can easily get jobs in sectors like agriculture. Supergres Purity of Marble Royal Beige 60x60 cm P60R Tiles Ceramic ItalianThis results in men earning money, and women staying at home looking after the children and because the culture in developing countries tend to favorize boys getting education, the girls stay at home, so the mother’s will look after the girls and teach them to be a housewife

Therefore, spreading awareness is our main and biggest target. We will try to achieve that by writing about it, making videos, and informing others. Together with a class in New York, at Lindenhurst High School, we collaborate in order to spread the word and make a difference together.

Written by me, Supergres Purity of Marble Wall Beige 30,5x91,5 cm PRW9 Fliesen günstiger aus... and Léon

Niche Kerdi Schluter 12 Shower 6 x f970ekqbd43424-Home

Tece nassbau rohbauschutz pour encastré inssizetion, 9030029After reading Barack Obama’s victory speech, and Donald Trump’s inaugural address, I must admit that they have much more in common than I would have imagined.Supergres Remake White 29,7x120 cm REW3 Tiles Ceramic Italian In both texts, the use of persuasive techniques such as pathos, logos, and ethos are on a very high level. We can also find examples of other literary devices, for instance, repetition, triples, alliteration and so on.

Obama, in his speech from 2008, focuses a lot on thanking the people for voting for him, but also says a lot about what how he wants to use the power to lead the country. Supergres Story Dark 75x75 cm STD7 Tiles Ceramic ItalianAlready in the very beginning, he asks a rhetorical question:

Superior Aluminum Series 9000 Railing Post - 36in. High - GreenIf there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer.

In this paragraph, he explains that there still is hope for making America a strong country, and for anyone who doubts it, he will prove them wrong. This is a literary device used especially often in speeches, therefore Donald Trump also chose to use one in his text.

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